Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Louisiana List

As I often do when I have a thing to ponder, I ran this Louisiana move past my friend Maureen prior to making a decision. And, per usual, it was an excellent, multi-day conversation. Below, you'll see the pros and cons list I sent to her across the course of 48 hours or so.


Pro: Beignets.
Con: Bobby Jindal.

Pro: I’ve never been to Louisiana!
Con: I’ve never even been to Louisiana.

Pro: I could work on my French.

Pro: I know people there.
Con: It’s stuck between Mississippi and Texas.

Pro: New experiences.
Con: No more quick, easy access to my Canadian escape route in the event of a Trump presidency. [Side note: as I mentioned previously, I'm now closer to Mexico than Canada, but it's still a good 9 hours away, which makes fleeing the country that much more difficult.]

Pro: Moving to Louisiana would inadvertently help me achieve my goal of visiting half the states by the time I’m 30, because I would have to drive through some new ones on the way.
Con: It’s over 1,000 miles from here to there.

Pro: I wouldn’t have to work retail for awhile.
Con: I would lose my sweet employee discount.

Pro: It would give me an opportunity to quit my job by saying, “Hey, remember that time I have to move to Louisiana next week?”
Con: I would have to make some tough book-packing decisions.


In the end, of course, I came to Louisiana. And it was good.


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