Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Writing for Young People), August 2012
St. Andrews Presbyterian College, Laurinburg, NC
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, December 2008

Brilliant Books, 2017

Tiger's Eye Press, 2015

"Miss Havisham's Wedding Cake" (poem)
"The Seed of Fire" (poem)
Pembroke Magazine, March 2019

"Interview with Loki" (poem)
Wilderness House Literary Review, December 2018

"In Another Life, a Farmer" (poem)
Word Life/Now Then Magazine, July 2018

"The Swamp Fox" (poem)
Rejected Manuscripts, July 2018

"Earth's Edge" (poem)
Word Life/Now Then Magazine, June 2018

"Pd (46)" (poem)
"Sb (51)" (poem)
"Th (90)" (poem)
Word Life/Now Then Magazine, July 2017

"Botanica" (poem)
Foxglove Journal, March 2017 

"Taxonomy" (poem)
Foxglove Journal, February 2017

"Letter to the Stepdaughter I Might Have Had" (poem)
The Furious Gazelle, January 2017 

"The Gardener" (poem)
 Dying Dahlia Review, March 2016

Gods in the Wilderness (poetry collection)
Pink. Girl. Ink. Press, February 2016

Boomerang Girl (chapbook)
Tiger's Eye Press, August 2015

"Poets on Poetry: Boomerang Girl" (essay)
Tiger's Eye Press blog, July 2015

"The Hermit/L'ermite (9)" (poem)
Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine, February 2015

"Laurinburg IV" (prose poem)
The Magnolia Review, January 2015

"The Blue Hour" (poem)
Beans and Rice, January 2015 

"Apogee" (poem)
"The Passion Fruit" (poem)
Baseline Literary Arts Magazine, December 2014

"Elizabeth R." (poem)
"Storm Season" (poem)
"Susannah, I'm Sorry" (poem)
The Furious Gazelle, December 2014

"5x5" (poem)
Pacifica Literary Review, November 2014 

"Things My Mother Never Taught Me" (poem)
Stoneboat Literary Journal, November 2014

"Dam Building" (poem)
Vagina: The Zine, October 2014

"Hephaestus" (poem)
Carcinogenic Poetry, August 2014

"Religion" (poem)
Purple Pig, August 2014

"Detroit II" (prose poem)
Narrative Northeast, August 2014

"Tierra" (poem)
Blue Heron Review, July 2014

"Narcissus" (poem)
Wild Quarterly, July 2014

"Wednesday" (poem)
Eternal Haunted Summer, June 2014

"They Lack a Fundamental Understanding of Physics" (poem)
Visceral Uterus, June 2014 

"The High Priestess/La Papesse (2)" (poem)
BareBackMagazine, June 2014  

"Leo's Place" (poem)
Clare Literary Journal, May 2014

"Cancer" (poem)
Vagina: The Zine, April 2014

Debs: Four Women Writers on the Verge (editor)
St. Andrews College Press, March 2014

"Defenestration" (poem)
momoware, March 2014

"Hades Puzzles Himself Over Persephone" (poem)
Poppy Road Review, February 2014

"Having Never Been to the Plains" (prose poem)
Souvenir: A Journal, February 2014 

"Doxology" (poem)
"Persephone" (poem)
Mojave River Review, February 2014 

"Naître" (poem)
Vagina: The Zine, January 2014 (first appeared in print; added to website September 2014)

"Clytemnestra Will Bleed" (poem)
"Hunted" (poem)
All Things Girl, January 2014 

"Ash Wednesday" (poem)
"Chrismon" (poem)
"The Confessor" (poem)
 Twenty-Something Press, January 2014

"Abattoir" (poem)
"The Boy and Equus" (poem)
"Spring Rising" (poem)
Black Mirror Magazine, January 2014

"Thursday" (poem)
Slippery Elm Literary Journal, December 2013

"Reservoir" (poem)
Twisted Vine Literary Journal, December 2013

"Maleficent Addresses Aurora at the Spinning Wheel" (poem)
All Things Girl, October 2013

"Sunday" (poem)
Infinite Press Literary Journal, October 2013

"Death of a Flower" (poem)
Foliate Oak, October 2013

"Golden" (poem)
"states of being" (poem)
Boston Poetry Magazine, August 2013

"North/South" (poem)
What the Fiction, June 2013

"Kitty Goes Astray in South Carolina" (poem)
Charlotte Viewpoint, April 2013  

"Coal Mines" (poem)
Pembroke Magazine, March 2013, July 2012

"Lake Huron" (prose poem), "McColl, SC' (prose poem), April 2012

“SocietyHill, SC” (prose poem), March 2012

“BlogSwap!” (with Maureen Keathley), August 2011

"Where I Write" (short essay), July 2011 

"Magic" (poem), "(Novel Part II)" (poem), "Excerpt: Emanuelle" (sudden fiction)
Gravity Hill, St. Andrews College Press, May 2009

Miles (chapbook)
St. Andrews College Press, April 2008

“Isobel” (sudden fiction), “‘This Next Tune Is Interstate Love Song’” (poem)
Gravity Hill, St. Andrews College Press, May 2007

“Knowledge Is Power” (with Kelly Ronan Mozena)
The Story Pole, July 2006 

Honors and Awards
20th Place, 10th Annual Poetry Awards (for the poem "Cu (29)")
Writer's Digest, December 2017

Honorable Mention, Non-rhyming Poetry Category, 85th Annual Writing Competition (for the poem "Falsies")
Writer's Digest, August 2016

Nominee, Best of the Net Anthology (nominated by Christina Norcross of Blue Heron Review for the poem "Tierra")
Sundress Publications, 2015

Finalist, 2014 Susan K. Collins/Mississippi Valley Chapbook Contest
Midwest Writing Center, Fall 2014

Winner, 2014 Annual Chapbook Contest
Tiger's Eye Press, Fall 2014

Semi-finalist, 2015 Mary Ballard Poetry Prize
Casey Shay Press, Summer 2014

Student Poet, Gilbert-Chappell Distinguished Poet Series (Central Region)
North Carolina Poetry Society, Spring 2012

Recipient, Alan Bunn Memorial Chapbook Award
St. Andrews Presbyterian College, 2008

Michigan Writers
She Writes 

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