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Are you a newly-published author who'd like to see his/her work reviewed but aren't sure where to start? I'd like to help! On a semi-regular basis, I will review new and recent titles here. Although I have not had reviews appear widely, I am ready to take the plunge and hope you'll jump with me!

A few ground rules:

1) I will not review self-published work.

2) Please approach me only with manuscripts that are under contract, advance reader copies, or finished products. (If you would like me to comment on an unpublished manuscript without a contract, I would be happy to do so, though my notes will not appear here.)

3) I am open to poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction (such as memoirs), and young adult work. Children's books, graphic novels, biographies, and other works may be taken on a case-by-case basis. Rarely do I read genre books (science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, crime novels, and Westerns); romance novels, however, are fair game. Scientific and technical issues often go right over my head, so I am likely not the best choice for your manifestos on quantum physics, nor am I qualified to review religious or current-events tomes.

4) In the event that I know the author personally, I will make the relationship clear; no matter my association with a writer, I do my best to give a balanced assessment.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Inquiries may be directed to me at Happy writing!

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