Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Failure to Read

There are times when I am absolutely useless as a reader. This year seems to be worse than most in that regard. I have six months' worth of Smithsonian issues stacked up, plus a few literary magazines that came in awhile back. Since arriving in Louisiana, I haven't finished a book start to finish, though I was able to wrap up my reading on two or three volumes.

Maybe this is okay; I'm not sure. After all, we need to take a break from certain things now and then. But it kind of hurts me that I'm not as active in my reading life as I have been at times in the past. For example, when I was in grad school, I read more than I ever have in my life, and not only because many books were assigned to me--I was able to make my way through many other volumes on my own, as well. But now that I (theoretically) have more time on my hands? I'm a mess!

Of course, none of this has stopped me from going to the bookstore any time I get a chance. So I am making sure that I do my part to support writers in a financial sense. And maybe that's the best we can hope for in times of stress: making the contribution we are able, even if it isn't the one for which we hoped.


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