Wednesday, October 28, 2015

No Sleep 'Til Bayou

So. After taking an unintentional, retail-schedule-induced hiatus in September, I ended up having to schedule a second, more deliberate hiatus from posting on this blog. Yes, I had two posts in my queue, which was good, but before I had an opportunity to produce any more, a thing happened: I landed a new job.

But it's not as simple as that. I was given the opportunity to move to Louisiana for the sake of my (non-retail, non-writing) career. As a result, I've been packing and traveling and unpacking and learning the ropes and settling into my new role. 

Prior to 7 October, I had never set foot in Louisiana. This is a brand-new adventure, although the type of employment itself is familiar to me. (Due to privacy concerns, I will not be discussing work in any detail for the time being.) Obviously, a few things in my life have changed, and there are three major ones induced by the move. First, I have never lived anywhere outside the Eastern Time Zone. Second, none of my homes have been west of the Mississippi River. Third, this is the first time I have resided closer to Mexico than Canada.

Thus far, I haven't seen much of the state aside from the roads that brought me to my destination, but I am super-excited about the possibilities for exploration here. If nothing else comes of my time at this job (and I'm sure it will), I know that I'll be able to indulge my love for history and literature while I'm around.

Here's to new adventures!


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