Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Popular Culture Holds Us Together

One day last summer, my friend Bonnie and I had a brief conversation:

Cate: The dude in the car next to mine looks like Uncle Phil.

This was a fabulous moment. Bonnie didn't have to ask who Uncle Phil was, and I got a kick out of her response. The fact is that it was facilitated by a powerful force: popular culture. 

Without a shared cultural experience, Bonnie and I couldn't have interfaced like this. So the next time you find yourself questioning the value of popular culture, consider how it brings us together: with common images, sayings, and feelings. Without it, you wouldn't be able to recognize this:

or this:

and certainly not this:

Long may pop culture reign!


Images via here, here, and here.

PS REMINDER: I am judging the 2015 Tiger's Eye Press chapbook competition! The last day for submissions is August 31st. Details can be found here.

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