Friday, April 3, 2015

Special Update: Cate Is Going to Judge a Contest!

Hello All!

In the event that you or your friends are interested:

Tiger's Eye Press is now accepting submissions for its 2015 Chapbook Contest! Submit your work from 1 April - 31 August 2015.

2015 Judge: Caitlin Johnson

Send 20-25 pages of poetry with a title page, table of contents, and an acknowledgements page, all with no identifying information. Please include a second title page with your name and contact information.

Submit your entire manuscript, e-mail address or SASE, a 2-3 line bio, and a $15 reading fee to the address below.

Winner receives $100 and 25 copies of the published manuscript.

Tiger's Eye Press
P.O. Box 9723
Denver, CO

For more information, visit or e-mail Colette Jonopulos at

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