Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Listicles, Part 2: Fifteen Movies

As a lazy-ass "blogger," the idea of listicles appeals to me. (You've all seen my "New Year, New Playlist" posts, right?) So when these things about ten books and fifteen movies that stuck with you started going around Facebook, I thought to myself, Now, there's a blog post I can write! In fact, that's TWO posts! Here, then, we have part two of two: fifteen movies. For part one, click here!


1) Pulp Fiction
What is storytelling, and how can we change it? Quentin Tarantino knows the answer to this and so many more of life's pressing questions. For example, "DOES HE LOOK LIKE A BITCH?" (No. No he does not.)

2) The Philadelphia Story
Endlessly quotable, this is the perfect slapstick romance, and it's also the reason why I'm in love with James Stewart.

3) Collateral
Michael Mann is what I call a quiet filmmaker. The first time I saw this, I didn't think much of it. Days later, though, it struck me how brilliant it was, and I've never forgotten.

4) Training Day
This is corruption in a tangible, non-Scarface kind of way. And Denzel is right: 

5) Domino
The way this story goes right off the rails into trippy, beautiful scenes makes me wish I had gone to film school like I originally intended.

6) Requiem for a Dream
Do not do drugs. End of story. 

7) Sleeping Beauty
The artistry of this animated film never--and I mean never--ceases to amaze me.

8) Orphée
Heartbreak knows no bounds. You don't even need the subtitles to grasp this, because Cocteau lays it all out for us in gorgeous black-and-white.

9) Mary Poppins
The movie that taught me whimsy and spectacle do, in fact, have a place in this world, and that they can peacefully coexist with excellent characters.

10) Traffic
An ensemble film done right is a glorious thing. I tip my hat to Steven Soderbergh and his stupid-good cast.

11) Mean Girls
For me, this proves the viability of YA stories, not only because it has great cross-over appeal but also because everyone knows what it's like to have encountered their own personal Regina George.

12) The Virgin Suicides
Character-driven filmmaking at its best, adapted from a gorgeous book. 

13) The Sound of Music
Absolutely epic in its scale, yet heartwarming. Christopher Plummer can call it "the sound of mucus" all he wants; I still love Captain von Trapp, and Baroness Schrader's wardrobe is everything.

14) Volver
A story that takes the notion of the willing suspension of disbelief and wrangles it in such a way that you never want to un-suspend.

15) Casino Royale
Gritty, dirty, sexy, and modern, this film also has an acute awareness of its own heritage--not unlike James Bond himself.


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