Monday, May 13, 2013

"Couldn't Hide; Write a Wave, Ride a Lie" (From the Archives)

Few songs in the history of Stone Temple Pilots resonate with me as much as "Silvergun Superman." I can't put my finger on the basic thing that attracts me to the song, though I suspect it may be the sheer volume of it all--it's the perfect song to turn up in the car when you need to get your anger out. Plus, it has a totally killer guitar solo that I adore.

The brothers DeLeo: Robert on the left, Dean on the right.

I once heard Dean DeLeo's guitar work described as muscular, and in fact, I think "Silvergun Superman" is one of the best cases for EVERYONE'S work to be considered muscular. There is so much angst in this song, but that negative energy is channeled into something beautifully layered and super-skilled. Many of STP's influences are on display here, from arena rock to the Beatles. And the controlled chaos toward the end of the track gives me something to aspire to as a writer.

Fun fact: in a huge departure from his usually duties in the band, Dean DeLeo played the drum solo at the end of this song!

Join us tomorrow for an analysis of "Big Empty."
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