Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Pssst. I have a secret for you. There's a place where you can borrow books FOR FREE.

It's called a library. Some of you may have heard of these things--primitive versions of the Internet. And while I, having completed my studies, no longer spend much time in libraries, I am a big fan of them. Not only can you borrow their books for your reading pleasure, but they can help you find new authors to love, information about your local area, or even your family history!

Libraries are important places, which is why I want to give them a plug today. Many offer children's programming, and all provide a quiet place for research and reading. Some even have gift shops where you can purchase items to support the library with your money, and a select few have extra perks; for example, my home library in Michigan has a gallery used for local artists and student shows, and the Greensboro Central Library has some tricked-out conference rooms. Moreover, librarians are staunch defenders of free access to information as well as fans of saving people from the tyranny of those who would ban books. (This part particularly excites me.)

When I was a kid, the library was my favorite place to be. Nowadays, I buy most of the books I read, but walking through stacks still excites me. I can only hope that a few of you feel the same thrill, or that you're willing to check it out. Just think of all the interesting--and free!--things you'll find there.


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