Wednesday, November 20, 2013

She's So Unusual

Recently, someone referred to me as "the weird girl." If we're talking about weird in the supernatural sense, we're gonna have to have a serious discussion about Macbeth. If we're talking about weird in the musical sense, I'll refer you to these guys. But--and I think this is a safe assumption--she was probably calling me weird in the bizarre sense.  

Other than the fact that I believe I have an unfortunate nose, there's nothing shocking about my physical appearance or fashion choices (unless you count my unswerving devotion to three-quarter-length sleeves as strange). My character might seem odd to some, but I suspect that's a side-effect of suffering from both anxiety and tunnel vision. To my knowledge, I've never done anything particularly "out there" at work, aside from lecturing undergraduates on the pitfalls of cultural appropriation and teaching ESL students how to ask girls if they got their tickets to the gun show.

Therefore, I'm left to assume that this woman thinks I'm weird because I am obviously bookish/academic/nerdy, or else because I find it difficult to socialize with coworkers (which is not their fault). To tell you the truth, my original response to hearing this was bemusement. Because yes. I am odd, in some ways. But so are my friends, and I like them that way. As far as I know, they like me this way. We're all weird girls (and guys!). And we're taking over the world, just as soon as we're done reading our books, watching our movies, and reblogging stuff on Tumblr. Deal with it.


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